Serpentine Bridge at Kensington Gardens, with
seagulls standing at attention. 

Along the lakeshore at Kensington Gardens,
mama duck was protecting her fuzzy ducklings
from some aggressive swans.  Quite the outburst!

Kings Staircase at Kensington Palace, where
tromp l’ oeil (fool the eye) crowds strain for a
view of royalty climbing the steps.
Queen Caroline (expertly acted for the day), was in
character and requiring assistance changing into her
ballgown.  I was recruited to be a lady in waiting,
assisting with the royal undergarments.  Queen Caroline
arrived at Kensington in 1727, the era of music, fashion
and the arts at the palace.

Young Diana, only two years into her
marriage with Prince Charles, graced
the cover of Vogue in 1983.  She lived
at Kensington both while she was married
to Charles, and after their divorce, as
the world’s most famous single mother.
Midnight blue with stars – a
 gown fit for Princess Diana.

Kensington Palace gates in 2014.
Kensington Palace gates in 1997, with flowers
following the death of Princess Diana.

Queen Victoria lived at Kensington
Palace during the dark years of
mourning following the death of
her beloved husband, Prince Albert.
She wore black for the next 40
years until her death.
On a happier note, the current occupants of Kensington
palace are Prince William, son of Diana and Charles,
his wife Kate, the duchess of Cambridge, and
their son, Prince George.