Hilltop view from Andreas Miaoulis’ mansion in Hydra.
The whole island is only 20 square miles.
Andreas Miaoulis was an admiral
and politician who commanded
Greek naval forces during the Greek
war of independence against the
Ottoman Empire in 1821-1829.
Greeks say if it wasn’t for him,
there would be no Greece.
One of our dicier docking spaces.  One of life’s
lessons – sometimes it takes courage to walk the plank.
My first donkey ride!  I chose this donkey owner
above all the others because he had such an
amazing mustache!
Oyzo (or ouzo) stored in sturdy oak barrels.
There’s a saying in Greece, “Ouzo makes the
 spirit”.  The icy cold anise liquour is served
before, during and after dinner.  To toast you
say “yamas!” or “to your health!”
Mike calculated this donkey was carrying 200
pounds of water.  Since this island ONLY has
bottled water, these donkeys come in handy. 
Late afternoon sunlight filters through the clouds
catching an oncoming boat in the glow.

A little Greek tongue in cheek – you never know
what shopping you’ll find on these little islands.