Windy and wonderful.  Sunset at Oia, Greece. 

Whitewashing literally seems to be an occupation
here in Greece, at least in Santorini.  A fresh coat
will not only camouflage problems, but reflects the
ever present sun.   

So much better as a marketing campaign than “ass milk”. 
Now milking a donkey would be a real adventure!

Mike sharing a laugh with our good friend and
sailing buddy, Larry Anderson.
Bell tower in Fira, Greece.  We hiked along the
coast for seven miles, winding through little cobblestone
streets and climbing up grassy hills.

Intrepid photographer (and Larry’s partner in crime),
Kathy Shelby, who helped to convince Mike to stop
 the car once in a while so she and I could catch a photo.

The Greek word for sun is “helios”.   Many Greek words
have been adopted into the English language, like
economy, mathematics, helicopter and cathedral.
Local Greek yellow donkey beer – a “hip hoppy kick ass ale”!