Inside Christchurch cathedral lies a sepulcher (fancy name
 for a stone coffin) of an actual knight.  He was huge,
 6ft. 6 in., especially by 14th century standards.
 His pillow is an ox head – for Oxford?
His trusty pet dog is curled up by his feet.
Not just another stained glass window.  This one from
 1858 includes the first depiction of a toilet!
Can you find it?

An Oxford alum invented the microscope?!
Quite the brainiac environment.  Oxford also
educated some fine authors, including C.S. Lewis,
T.S. Elliott and Dr. Seuss.

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.
Oxford is where Rhodes scholars come to study,
like Bill Clinton in 1967, when he was not inhaling.
The town of Oxford is lively, low key with lots
of street performers and ethnic restaurants.  A
friendly college town that just happens to be famous.
Mike and I went “punting” on the River Cherwell.
  Punting involves a long stick and a flat bottom boat with
no keel.  It’s not as easy as it looks!  Luckily Mike has
 great balance.