World famous Swiss chocolate :P

St. Peter’s famous clock tower.
 At 28.5 ft in diameter, the largest
 church clock in the world.
Switzerland is home to over 450 varieties of cheese.  Holey cow!
At Grossmünster Cathedral, a statue in honor of Charlemagne,
 who ruled Western Europe from 768 to 814. Much
of his reign was spent in warfare. He’s known for
 ensuring the survival of Christianity, and is
 considered to be the “father of Europe”.
A very sassy elf!
The flower clock at Lake Zurich had (as did every
other clock we saw in Switzerland) precisely
the correct time. 
First produced in 1891, these really were made
for the Swiss Army.  The original knife had only
a blade for opening canned food and a screwdriver
 for disassembling a Swiss rifle.  “Victorinox”
comes from a combination of the owner’s mother,
 Victoria, and inox, meaning stainless steel.

Cows are much loved here in the land of cheese and
chocolate. This one sported the Zurich skyline.

You should see this one in action!  Woodchopping,
dog barking, deer nodding and a bird in the window.