Anyone over the age of 16 can buy tobacco
 in Italy.  Smoking rates are higher than
the US – about 24% vs. our 20%.
Different toys for the little ones!  The
lack of Disney merchandise is noticeable.
Marionettes are far more popular.
Beautiful bronze at Santa Maria della Scala in Siena,
holding a candle up to St. John the Baptist.
Angels lighting the way.  The
black and white striped marble
represents the colors of the coat
of arms for the city, and the black
and white horses of the city founders.
Classic Tuscan landscape, with the tall cypress
trees.  Rich soil for vineyards, this is where grapes
are grown for classic Italian Chianti wine.
Flags representing the neighborhoods in Siena, who
have each had their own proud design since
medieval times. 
Strolling through San Gimignano, with walls dating
back to the 12th and 13th century.  
Tuscan ham and salami are famous worldwide,
 best enjoyed with unsalted Tuscan bread. 
Under the Tuscan Sun!  One of my favorite quotes
from that movie: “Never lose your childish enthusiasm
and things will come your way.”
Palm Sunday in Italy, without enough palm leaves
to go around?  Nessun problema!  They use olive
branches instead.

Torre del Mangia (Tower of the Eater) Bell Tower in Siena,
 so called because the original bell ringer was known
 as a heavy eater in the local restaurants. He must have worked
 it off climbing the 400 steps several times a day. 
The Adventures of Pinocchio were originally written
in 1883 an Italian author, Collodi.  In the original story,
Pinocchio is obnoxious, bratty and selfish.  Disney
played that down in their 1940 version, making him a much
more innocent and likeable little liar.  

Can’t argue with World Champion status for gelato!
  What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?
  Fat and air (ice cream has more of both), and
 temperature (gelato is served slightly warmer,
 so it has a softer texture).   Eat fast!  Rapidamente!