At the top of Schilthorn, a 9,700 foot peak in the
Swiss alps, the view includes a 360 degree
panorama, from the Jungfrau to Mont Blanc.  
It took three cable car rides to arrive at the top
of Schilthorn.  Our car was full of skiers!
Each one holds about 30 people, plus all their
ski gear inside.
Well, the Swiss didn’t actually serve fondue on
ski poles.  But the fondue WAS excellent!
Gruyere and emmentaler cheese with a dash
of kirsch. 

When Piz Gloria was built in the 1960’s it was the highest
 revolving restaurant in the world.  The name is from
Ian Flemming – “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.
  It was the name of the bad guy’s hangout! The view
 is unbelievably grand from any angle during the 45 minute spin.
Mike playing in the snow at the edge of a
serious precipice.  Bond would approve.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service movie still.
Does anyone else see Dr. Evil and Austin Powers?
Pity George Lazenby had to follow
in the first Bond movie after Sean
Connery retired from the role.
He decided sometime during the
filming that this would be his only
Bond movie.  And thus he became
a great Jeopardy trivia question.