Our railway car rounds the bend, with our first
glimpse of the Jungfrau! 
Route from Lauterbrunnen to the Jungfrau.  Since
most of the railway is in a tunnel, it was designed
(in 1864!) to run with electricity.   The idea was
to make travel to the top efficient, without spoiling
the landscape, which is now a UNESCO world
heritage site.
Voila!  We are up at 11,388 ft. with no effort,
on a beautiful clear day.
With only picks, shovels, dynamite and pure muscle power,
construction began in 1896.  It took 16 years before
the crew made it through the Jungfrau glacier. 
Switzerland’s playground, the Jungfrau has 40 ski
lifts and plenty of winter walking trails.

Switzerland avoids alliances that
might entail military, political or
direct economic action and has
been neutral since the end of its
expansion in 1215. 
A couple of happy (and cold!) campers inside
the Jungfrau Ice Palace.  It was about 20 degrees.

How often do you get to walk around INSIDE a glacier?
The ceiling, walls and floor were solid ice.
The Jungfrau in the distance with white crocus
(sorry it’s not Eidelweiss) in the foreground.
The hills are alive with the sound of music!!!
Brown Swiss cows – making milk very high in butterfat
and protein, ideal for cheese and gelato.
Their cow bells make the most delightful sound!

Sorry, Starbucks.  This is the best coffee I’ve ever had!