A late night display adjustment
 at Louis Vuitton, to highlight
a new line of purses in lemon

yellow, this year’s hot color.

I tried to convince Mike that this
 silk jacket with leather pants and
sandals was just the “look” for
him, especially with the man purse.
Now this is how to sell wedding dresses!
Milan is renowned as the fashion
capital of the world, setting the
fashion trends of the moment.
 Retro chic is in – no it’s out,
no wait, it’s IN again!

These shoes only come in size 6, but several
colors of dark chocolate and cream, with an
edible purse to match.
Prada thinks these shoes will sell well at the blue
light special price of $1,300 USD.

World renowned for culinary culture, and home to
 several international agencies for food governance,
 Milan is gearing up for the World Expo in 2015,
where the topic will be “How to Feed the Planet”. 
Milan has long been known as Italy’s banking capital,
 but times are hard.  UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, is
 swimming in a sea of bad loan debt, posting
staggering losses.  All of Italy’s banks are cleaning
up their balance sheets in preparation for a
European Central Bank review later this year.
The future of Milan is being built at the
moment.  This is the “Vertical Forest”,
 a modern living space constructed with
 mature trees on each balcony.

Among Milan’s “must buy” items
was this shoe shine kit for a mere
$23,000 USD.  I guess you need
to buy the Prada shoes to go with it?
Milan’s take on the infamous
Christmas Story leg lamp.