Pope Francis is beyond popular in Italy, where 88%
of the populace are Catholic.  Even his figurines
outnumber “futbol” players and gladiators.
Pope Francis is the 266th to head the
Catholic church.  The first was St. Peter.
In fact 48 of the first 50 consecutive popes
were recognized as saints by the church. 
Handsome priests in this calendar
were photographed without giving
their name with the understanding
that the calendar was to promote
facts about the Vatican, which it
actually does.  No joke.
Original cobblestones in Rome are super sized,
making for treacherous walking.  They make the
smaller ones (from the more modern Middle

Ages) seem quite comfortable by comparison.
Lovely accordion music along the Tiber river.
The musician wanted a tip for a photo, so he’s
wagging his finger at me.  Tsk!  Tsk!
Bocca della Verita, or the Mouth of
Truth.  Carved of marble from the 1st
century, it may be the first lie detector.
If a liar puts a hand in the mouth,
it is bitten off. 
Throwing coins over my shoulder,
making a wish at Trevi Fountain. 
Rome celebrated their taming of
 water with aqueducts by placing
fountains all over Rome.  Before

the aqueducts, they never had
this kind of water pressure.