Tennessee fainting goats (in Napa for some unexplained
reason) actually stiffen their legs when panicked
and fall over.  Perhaps they can be revived with wine?
Wineries in Napa will do anything to differentiate
themselves and attract tasters.  Giant bunny wine!

Just north of Napa, in Calistoga, is a petrified forest of
redwoods 8 ft. in diameter!  An ancient volcano mowed them
 down, slowly replacing their wood molecules
 with silica, quartz and stone over millions of years.
We found the geyser in Calistoga –
also a remnant of the ancient volcano.
Not quite like Yellowstone, but it
did shoot off a 40 footer every
15 minutes.

Mike enjoying a contraband light beer in the middle
of wine country.
California poppies – a sure sign of spring!