We never miss a chance to visit Frank’s Produce
the Pike Place Market.  The best in town!
Street musicians abound in Seattle, but this one
was especially charming.  Bravo!

Niece Vanessa, catching a little spring break.
Mee Sum Pastry at Pike Place Market
can fill a humbow (steamed bun) with
pork faster than you can say “I love Seattle”
Sarah dishing out some treats in the running for
the wedding reception.  We judges had tough duty.
Pretty maids all in a row – Sarah’s bridesmaids for
the wedding.  Gwen, Tanya, Cynthia and Alex, on
a top secret dress mission at Wai-Ching.

A happy birthday toast to my Mom, who is anything
but “Old Fashioned”.
Along for Mom’s birthday celebration were Alex
(Mom’s great-grandson), sister Kathy and proud
mama Megan.