The game of golf was born on rugged, wind swept land
like the Oregon coast.  Bandon Dunes is perched 100 feet
 above the Pacific, representing links golf at its finest. 

Pacific Dunes (my favorite among Bandon’s four courses)
 has several holes with stunning views.  Golf Digest
 ranks it as the #3 public golf course in the US,
just behind Pebble Beach and Whistling Straits. 
The gorst was in a spring bloom of waxy yellow
flowers, along with plenty of thorns.
Visualizing the tee shot over the gorge.
There are no golf carts at Bandon, so 8 miles of walking per
day is about normal for one round.  The courses are super-sized,
 double the size of a normal golf course. (Not wider or longer,
 but more acreage between holes.) You also don’t see
 other golfers very often. It feels more like a walk along the ocean
 or the woods.  As Mark Twain said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”
Wild turkeys at Bandon Trails had romance, not
golf, on their minds.
A toast to several days of great weather and great
company, with our caddie and friend, Benny Moore.
Benny and Mike walking up to the drives on Bandon Trails.
The Old MacDonald course has a famous bell, rung
after you finish the hole, so the group behind you
knows it’s OK to tee off to the blind green.
Pacific Dunes in all its late afternoon glory.
“Golf as it was meant to be.”