Bob’s restaurant, featuring the famous…
Bobby McFerrin, Bob Seeger, Bob Dylan, Bobby Darin,
Bob Marley, and Bobby Short.

Yoga pose of the month: cactus!

Howdy cowgirls and cowboys, we’re riding the
Arizona prairie, sagebrush and all. 

Ventana Canyon – even non golfers can appreciate
the beauty of this view.
Why did the rattlesnake cross the road?
To get to the other s-s-s-side.
Burro crossing.  They’re more like small
 donkeys.  Formerly used for work purposes,
the feral population now roams Arizona.
Saguaro cactus are dependent on rainfall, and
the ones in Tucson grow about twice as fast
as the ones in western Arizona.  Saguaros can
live for several hundred years, but don’t sprout
their first arm until they’re at least 50.