“O sole mio!” bounced off the water and the moonlight.

Feeling the heat, waiting for the gondola.
Mike, Cookie, Kristin, Mary Ann, Rosemary,
Kathy and Mike.

Due diligence at the chocolate festival.
A sweet treat, gondola style. 

Today’s confection on the Cerretta conveyor belt
was yogurt covered pretzels.
Ethel and Lucy in the famous I Love Lucy candy scene
(filmed here at Cerretta Candy in Glendale, AZ)
The conveyor belt speeds up so fast they have to…
well, you’ll see!!  Here is the 2 minute clip:

We played a lot (OK a ridiculous amount) of
golf.  This is Boulders, outside of Phoenix.
A new game where the clues lead your
mind astray, well beyond the innocent
answer.  Fun with the sisters :)

Mike’s sisters – Kathy, Cookie, Rosemary and Mary Ann, enjoying the sunshine.