Rafts, paddles, life jackets, tents, pads, sleeping bags,
clothes, cameras (thank you Stephen Otero for
bringing your camera and the amazing photo
results!)  The food was provisioned ONCE for
a 24 day trip, packed like puzzle pieces in dry ice.
A lot to pack, and that’s before the beer!
Lee’s Ferry at Marble Canyon, the put in point
for the epic 224 mile adventure that included
13 tough hikers, rafters, campers and fun lovers.
The first leg of the trip included Harp, Mich, David,
Julie, Mike, Rob, Brandon and Steve.
Bandon, the lovable yellow lab, was along for the
trip and always ready for stick fetching.  He’s
medically trained, and 
sporting a service dog vest.
Sunlight starts to creep into the chilly canyon.
The mighty Colorado River was only 48 degrees.
Mike greeting the morning with
a “YO”!  Who needs coffee when
you hear that yell?
The beginning section of the trip
had less rapids, and more rowing.
No one fessed up to sore muscles. 
Catching up on the day, just before dinner.
Light was limited, it was dark by 5pm.
After that, headlamps were required.


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