In winter only,  Grand Canyon National
 Park allows bonfires. The Milky Way is
 always there, but never so artfully captured.
Thanks, Stephen Otero!
As night falls and the stars appear, Mike is in our
blue tent on the left, reading one of the daily letters
I snuck into his dry bag.  Being apart for 24 days
does make the heart grow fonder, if that’s possible.

Mike and Dan getting WAY too close to the canyon
wall.  Their boat carried the all important “groover”.

That chocolate water can be very unforgiving when
your boat takes a turn for the worse.  Mike and Dan
did have a serious flip, and resulting rescue as
their dry suits were filling with water.  Scary.

The river can be so peaceful,
just one of many moods.
Hiking (or bouldering?) up to a slot canyon.
A couple of grandpas – look at those beards. 

As if rowing down the river wasn’t enough,
the guys had to get in a little extra workout.
Dan attempting some yoga zen.
What a reward at the end of the day.