Surprise! David Russell popped the question,
and Stephanie Armstrong said…

YES!  David had stowed that sparkler ever so carefully
in a dry bag, protecting it from the elements while he waited
for the right moment.  Once Stephanie had it on her finger,
she secured it with a rubber band for safety.
Sounds like they’ll take good care of each other, too.
A couple of Raney brothers having the time of their lives.
Havasu Falls is located on tribal
land, owned by the Havasupai, or
“people of the blue-green waters”.   
Navajo Falls was rerouted in the flood of 2008,
cutting a dramatic new path of terraced water.

 The falls in the back of the photo are 50 ft. high!
The consensus appears to be warm weather!
Deborah, Julie, Dan, David, Stephanie, Amber,
Mike and David all agree.  This is the “Patio”

up above Deer Creek.
Beautiful shot of the confluence
of the Colorado brown river with
the fresh turquoise of Havasu
Creek.  Thanks, Stephen Otero,
for all these photos!


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