Grandma Kathy dishing up for Leah, the broccoli fan!
Mike horsing around with Craig, who already weighs 75
pounds at the age of 6 years. We predict football.

Full moon in Scottsdale at the Desert Botanical Gardens,
where a temporary Chihuly exhibit is on display
outdoors.  Every day, volunteers meticulously
dust the glass sculptures, which are up to 30 ft. high.
Beaming mom Kristin, one year old Eva and Kathy.

Apparently Chihuly loves the desert as a background
for his pieces.  In this rare oasis spot, he placed
a boat (from Seattle) filled with glass tubes.
Each work of art is assembled in Seattle, then

 taken apart, numbered, shipped and reassembled.
  V-E-R-Y carefully.
The beautiful luminaria pathway, where we
strolled for miles and listened to Christmas
carols in between art installations.