Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is a series of
hundreds of fall films debuting over 11 days at
dozens of theaters simultaneously.  Second only to
Cannes Film Festival in size, it’s where movie
business deals are negotiated, and stars appear
to promote their films.  In 1983, “The Big Chill”
premiere was a TIFF award winner.  The photo
shows Glenn Close, William Hurt, Kevin Kline
and Jeff Goldblum at the film in 1983. What we

saw was a 30th anniversary celebratory showing
of the film, with a brand new digital print.

Big Chill film stars, including Glenn Close and
Mary Kay Place took questions from the

 audience.  Apparently Glenn Close really wanted
Mary Kay Place’s role in the film, but director
Lawrence Kasdan chose Close as the more
 maternal character and Place as the business woman.

Crowds lined up for blocks to see “The Big Chill”,
despite the fact that they could have seen it in
 their living room for the last 30 years!  Meg
 Tilly (now a grandmother) signed autographs for
 an adoring crowd.  Hundreds of stars were in Toronto
 including Nicole Kidman, Daniel Radcliffe,
 Sandra Bullock, and Hugh Jackman.
I had a few precious minutes with Kevin Kline –
just enough for a fan gush of compliments.  He
was not only here for The Big Chill, but is playing Erroll
Flynn in his new movie, “The Last Days of Robin
Hood”  premiering at TIFF. 


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Susan Sarandon and Dakota Fanning also star in
 “The Last Days of Robin Hood” and discussed the
 illusions of Hollywood, including age (Sarandon,
 looking incredible at 66, played a 50 year old)
 and height (Sarandon is 5’7″ and Fanning is 5’4″).