Armed with only four hickory stick clubs and
 three old fashioned balls each, we set out to
 conquer 9 holes at Oakhurst Links.  Note what
 is missing – no golf bag, no cart, no gloves, no tees.
The first golf course in the United States,
established in 1884, built by a Harvard educated
attorney to entertain friends from Scotland. At
the time, golf clubs were all custom made, and
golf was only for the extremely wealthy

 gentleman.  These clubs were stiff, unforgiving,
and almost impossible to hit.  The longest
“drive” I had was 40 yards!  The whole experience
really made us appreciate modern golf.

Golf balls in the mid 18th century were called
gutta percha – covered in a latex material, a vast
improvement on “old” balls made of feathers.
By today’s standards, they are dead as a doornail.
Mike builds a tee out of his supplies: a bucket of
sand, and a bucket of captured rainwater.  The sand

used to be kept in a box, hence the name tee box.


Greenskeeping is done both by push mower and
a small flock of sheep. The “rough” was an
unbelievable tangle of bramble bushes and ragweed
that sent my allergies into orbit.
The “Stymie Rule” is best explained by the complete
lack of ball marks.  If someone’s putt is in your
way, you have to putt around them.  My score

was 89… for nine holes.