Perhaps the city of brotherly love’s
best known landmark is LOVE
itself – created in 1966.

Public art is all over Philadelphia – this one just
seems like unabashed fun.  It’s called “Freedom”.

Philadelphia had grand plans for a
city hall that would honor Quaker
 founder William Penn (see the 27 ton
bronze statue on top?) Plans were
 drawn up for the tallest building in
 the world for the last 3,800 years!
Much to the dismay of the architect, by
 the time it was completed, it was
 surpassed by both the Eiffel Tower
 AND the Washington Monument.
Four beautifully sculpted marble columns underneath
Philadelphia city hall are held up by four ethnic
 groups:  African Americans (above), Asians,
Native Americans and Europeans.  It is a rare
city that is currently almost evenly black and white,
with a small percentage of Asians and Native


Rocky!  Rocky!  ROCKY!!!
Running up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum
of Art (ala Rocky), complete with the downloaded
theme music blasting from my iPhone!


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