About 30 people turned out for the annual tribute to our
 nephew, Brad, who left this world far too early in 2004.
This is the 9th year the group has teed up a golf ball
 and sliced it into the next fairway just like Brad.
At the ripe old age of 9, our grand nephew Clay was
just old enough to drive the cart, wash balls, fetch
clubs and keep score.  Just like a real caddy! 

We played at Maple Bluff, where an out of bounds
shot lands you smack in the corn fields.  Brad
would have relished the challenge of playing golf
in off and on rain and 33mph winds.

We actually won 1st place with 8 under par (well,
we did pay for 5 mulligans, but still…not bad)
Mike’s brother Rolly is sporting his Las Vegas
t-shirt – it’s where he was born.
Catching up with Tori (now in high school, with
Homecoming right around the corner) and Kari,
who is building a successful realtor following.
Nicole with Brendan, a Raney clan newbie.


Sharing a laugh with Nick, and 33 other family