Yes, they really do give you a Hershey bar when
you check into the Hershey hotel.  In fact, you can
have one every time you pass the front desk.
They keep them in a cash drawer (perfect size).
Hershey milk or Special Dark Chocolate, sir?

Somehow (huh!) they found out it was Mike’s birthday,
 and delivered this giant sugar load:  Hershey Kiss,
Hershey bar, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Drops,
 Hershey Cookies & Creme, York Peppermint Patty,
Mr. Goodbar and a Whatchamacallit bar.
The Hershey Kiss is named for the “kissing” sound
that the candy makes when it plops onto the
conveyor belt.  Kisses were hand wrapped until
they figured out automated wrapping in 1956.
Production stopped between 1942-49 due to
the rationing of aluminum foil during WWII.
The automated wrapping process allowed for the
insertion of a patented paper “plume” that ensured
consumers that they were buying a genuine Hershey
product.  Hershey produces 80 million kisses
per DAY, all made in the USA.

Starting off the day with chocolate chip
Ending the day with a Death by Chocolate martini!
We tasted single source chocolate from Africa,
Central America and India.  With our newly
acquired chocolate expertise, we crafted our own
The Sweetest place on earth has street lights that
look like Hershey Kisses.  This is the intersection
of Chocolate Avenue and Cocoa Boulevard.
The grounds are lovely and Disneyesque in their
perfection.  Including this perfect full moon –
which is probably made of white chocolate.
Hershey Gardens span 23 acres near the hotel.
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