Orientation – a depiction of both the US and
 Canadian side.  There are three falls collectively
 known as Niagara Falls: Horseshoe, American and
Bridal Veil.  The flow rate is the highest in the world!
Niagara is eroding a foot every year, although that
has slowed since water is now diverted for power
generation according to a US/Canada treaty.
Niagara is all about rain ponchos, to avoid
 getting completely soaked!  It’s more that just

rain or mist.  More like standing in a shower of cold water.

The classic “must-do” Maid of the Mist tour,
in which you and several hundred of your blue
poncho clad friends go into the belly of the beast,
right next to the roaring waterfall. 
Of course, we had to inch just a
little bit closer, with the Journey
Behind the Falls tour.


We are here!  Did you know that 20% of the fresh
water in the world (besides ice) is held in the
 Great Lakes, which ALL flow into Niagara?  
Back in 1901, a 63 year old woman was
the first to survive a Niagara Falls stunt.
Officials only allow a stunt once a
generation, every 20 years.  The most
recent was Nick Wallenda crossing on
a tight rope in 2012.