Talk about a great view?  A romantic Italian dinner
at the Rainbow Room was the perfect setting
 for our 8th anniversary!

After dinner, we walked along the waterfront to
see the falls, which are lit every night.  Niagara
Park on the Canadian side is a self-funded park,
with no tax $$ from Ontario since 1885.  They
are supported by a cut from restaurants, shopping,
and parking, but there is no admission fee.

Yup, that’s my guy! Ants in his
pants keep him a-goin’, forget the
fact that the lawn needs mowin’!

A gnarly 3 mile wave train leads from the falls,
at a breakneck 25 miles per hour.
This is a Class 6 rapid – the most dangerous,
usually considered unrunnable, even by experts.
The last legal run was ABC sports in 1981.

Niagara has always been a place for romance.
Since 1949, the mayor has handed out over a
million “honeymoon certificates” proving that
people have spent their honeymoon here.

This antique 1916 “Aero Car” gingerly carried us
over the Niagara whirlpool, where the river
abruptly turns counterclockwise.  No passports
necessary – both points are Canadian.


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