Sunset – our place faces east, so this is the
reflected glow.  Captured by Dan Olson’s
expert photography skills :)

The only group photo – official attendees (not actually
visible to protect the innocent) were: Dan Raney,
 Larry Anderson, Frank Martin, Walt Yund, Dan Olson,
 Mike, Charlie Raney, Anthony Singleton, and
 Mark (my head’s on fire!) Squire.  Aron Smith and
 Dale Perriot were busy as usual, this time taking
 the photo and tending the BBQ ribs.
Anthony pretending to tree climb
Dirt’ Bikin’ Dale and Franko try mountain
 biking as a quieter alternative.
Sailing experts Larry and Dan check out the “new”
sailboat – a Santana 20 from Craigslist, with
a main, jib and spinnaker.  Reportedly a
kick in the pants!

Charlie caught in the act!
Photographic evidence of actual relaxation.
After brutally splashing Anthony and Dan’s
kayak ride earlier in the day, Mike tried
 to sneak under the dock to avoid retaliation. 
REVENGE!  Anthony lays a Jet Ski wave right on
Mike, and Dan isn’t far behind with a tsunami.


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