Over 2 million containers a year pass through the
Port of Seattle, whose cranes are mounted Harbor
Island, a 400 acre man-made island at the mouth
 of the Duwamish Waterway.

There are countless empty shipping containers in
the USA, because it’s more expensive to ship empty
containers back to Asia than to buy new ones!
As a direct result of our trade deficit, shipping
 container architecture has become quite the rage.
Even Starbucks is on board, with a clever drive-
thru location in South Seattle.
Enjoying our Elliot Bay cruise.  See the small
pointed building just behind the ferris wheel?
Smith Tower, 34 stories tall, used to be the tallest
skyscraper on the west coast until the Space
 Needle was built for the world’s fair in 1962.
Gum Wall at the Pike Place Market.  Seattle, you
are so adorable to gently pressure wash it this year
so that the colors look pretty.  It’s still the 2nd
germiest attraction in the world, right behind the
Blarney Stone.


Her majesty, Mount Rainier, graced us with her
presence for 5 days in a row!
Seattle ranks only 44th on the cities in the US with
the most rainfall.  See?  A sunny day!!