We were fortunate that the local wildfires in
Ashland didn’t cause performances to be cancelled
as they had the prior week.  Lucky for us, it
kept the crowds away and wasn’t too smoky.
What a delight to see the stars pop out while
you’re enjoying a first class production.
Ashland is proud to have America’s first true
Elizabethan theater.  Thanks to a generous donation
from Jo Lynn Allen (Microsoft Paul Allen’s
sister), the outdoor theater is in fine shape. 

Oregon Shakespeare Festival is running 
eleven plays this season, in the outdoor
and two indoor theaters.
Wonderful production of “My Fair
Lady”.  Eliza Doolittle, did ’em proud,
she did.
Many people in town, including the Green Show
performers, sported face masks for the smoke.
The Green Show has morphed over the years,
from dancers in Elizabethan costume to hip hop.
Our favorite by far was “Robin Hood” (not remotely
Shakespeare) where Maid Marion wore pants
and held her own in sword fights.
This year’s version of “Taming of the Shrew” was
set in a non-traditional time period, but with the
same dialogue.   Set in an amusement park, with
rockabilly music, it was a Jerry Lee Lewis meets
 Katy Perry mix that was interesting, but without chemistry.


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