Take me out to the ballgame!  We watched the
Mariners throttle the Minnesota Twins at Safeco Field. 
Olav and Karen had never seen a baseball game
before (it’s not too popular in Norway).  Here they
are, both scratching their heads, “HOW does
this game work?”
We had quite the betting game going, based on the
 “kitty” moving with each batter, regardless of the team.
Sarah was the winner at the end of the game, 
Mark ended up happy, but a little light in the wallet.
Karen didn’t quite understand the finer points of
baseball, but she sure caught the fever when her
batter got on base. Ka-ching!  Ka-ching!

The Seafair Parade in Seattle usually involves waiting
for hours for prime viewing spots downtown. Clever
locals brought in their own couches and pool tables
 for entertainment right on 4th Avenue downtown.
I’m sporting the traditional Alaska Airlines headwear.
Forget the stodgy princess wave – these beauty
queens were doing the Macarena.

Truth be told, there is only one way
to get this button.  You have to kiss
a Seafair pirate.
Seafair pirates always bring up the rear in the parade, shooting
 cannons, dragging swords on the ground, and 
the ‘hood.   They also do wonderful volunteer work,
 but on Seafair night, they’re all pirate swagger.              
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