Who sat in the badass back seat?  You betcha.
Florence is Oregon’s summer playground, with the
 largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America.
An adrenaline fueled sand dune buggy ride awaits.
Drivers strap you in tightly, then spin, climb,
 drop and threaten to roll.  When it’s over,
 you’ll need to floss the sand out of your teeth.

Sandland Adventure Dune Buggy tours created
their own tires to plow through the sand without
getting stuck.  These babies can turn on a dime.
Riding along a steep bank angle – the drivers have
complete freedom with no “road” so you can’t
anticipate what the next move will be.

Squint and you might be able to see the foursome
in front of us.  Now where are we supposed to
 aim that approach shot?
Old Tom Morris keeps watch over
Sandpines Golf Club – a breathtaking
location for coastal links golf.
Mike eyeing his putt.  This sand dune next to the
golf course has taken OVER this hole several times
in the past.  It all depends on the wind.
Siuslaw River Bridge, a beautiful example of
1930’s architecture.  Note the addition of the red
tsunami siren atop as a disaster warning, since
Florence is right on the coast. 


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