Wow! A golf course that offers free
5 minute massages.  
Morning starts with a complimentary golfer
shuttle on Lake Coeur D’Alene. Nice boat, right?
  It’s a fine wooden Stan-Craft, made right here in Idaho. 
This golf course is so well designed that they bury
 their s
and rakes straight up in the ground. The
 entire rake drops into a cavity, leaving only the
 head showing in a neat compartment.
The practice range has FLOATING golf balls!
There are buoys for aiming balls that only go about
80% as far as a regular shot.  Way fun.

The scorecard doesn’t print the distance for the #14
tee because they can significantly change it by
moving the island back and forth!

The signature hole is #14 – the world’s only floating
island green.  Only 30% of those who try make
it on the first shot.  Mike did and had a nice par,
I bogeyed from the sand trap.
Immaculate greens – so pretty you almost didn’t
mind missing a putt.
Floating island green does beg the question – how
do you get to the green?  A dedicated boat runs
foursomes back and forth all day long, complete
with cheers and tears.


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