Yellowstone geyser fields have little protection from
the wind.  Once a hat is lost, a life could be lost
trying to retrieve it.  There was a 16 year old girl
in tears after she lost her prized Stetson hat.
Guess she’ll have to wait for the next eruption of
Grand Geyser to see if it shoots up in the air.
Daisy geyser erupts up to 75 ft. at an angle.
Did you know Yellowstone has about 2/3 of the
active geysers in the world? 
We did hike this trail, with a grizzly
and cubs, but kept up the cheerful
Riverside geyser can blow in an arch across the
river if the wind is right.

Mudpots are sort of an acidic hot spring without
much water.  Bubble, splot!  Yellowstone is only
3 miles above earth’s molten rock.
The geyser fields at sunrise, when they steam the
most due to the cool air temperature.


Our memorable, if not stellar, duplex accommodations
at the Old Faithful Lodge.   Oops – we meant to
book at Old Faithful INN.  We had a good laugh
over this one!
Yellowstone amazes the eye at every turn.  You
can see why it was established as the first national
park in the world by President Ulysses S. Grant
in 1872.

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