Red Reflet is a working ranch, so when there was
a big wedding onsite, Mike and I jumped in and
tended bar for 6 hours!  We’re complete rookies,
but the wedding guests helped us tell the difference
between the Crown Royal and the Wyoming Whisky.
With 150 guests, the ranch dining room was packed. We
served champagne, cleared tables and replenished
coffee.  Neither one of us had ever worked food
service, and we appreciate it now more than ever!
Morning sun on the hay bales.
Breakfast at the ranch is do it yourself – they
stock the fridge with your favorites.  In our case,
eggs, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, blueberries,
green tea and fresh squeezed orange juice.
Some days it’s easier to chase cattle in an ATV.
Wearing the white shirt? Not such a good idea.
Breaking in a new, yet to be named trail, through
the canyon, under the tree branches and over the
rocks.  My horse, Smacker, is ready for his
Kodak moment, right?
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