Thunder Mountain trail in Red Canyon, just
 outside Bryce, was the setting for a three
hour horseback ride through the hoodoos.  Olav
and Karen had one of their first horseback rides
ever along some hair raising ridges with steep
cliffs.  Good thing the horses had their eyes
open, not sure the riders always did!
Bryce Canyon airport hangar was built in 1936
in hopes of attracting pilots to the new national
park.  The huge letters on the roof were used as
navigation aids, back in the days before VORs,
not to mention GPS.
Gunslinger Mike says,
“This town ain’t big enough
for the four of us!”
Utah remains the center of Mormon cultural influence,
but heathen beer drinkers can’t resist the irony.
Nice rattlesnake, STAY.
Postcard perfect view, with an enormous drop off
right behind us.


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