Once the gates were opened, in ran the grizzlies.
What you can’t see is a large ditch between the
spectators and the bears.  It was unnerving to see

them run directly at you with no fence!

At the West Yellowstone Grizzly discovery center,
kids were able to hide bear treats while the bears
were out of the exhibit.  This isn’t a zoo, but an
education center with bears that are injured.
The crows were interested in the peanut butter/
seed balls, too.  The birds were as close to the
bears as they dared, in order to get their fair share.
These are “bear proof” containers that didn’t quite
do the job.  The bears on site do a great job testing!
At up to 4,000 ft. deep and 1,200 ft.
wide, you can see why they call this
the “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone”
Standing RIGHT over the falls.  Deafening!
Check out the little patch of snow left.
We look tan, but I think we actually just needed
a shower – layers of dirt and sunscreen.
Hot spring activity over the ages has altered the
lava rock to produce beautiful color variations.
There are still active vents and geysers on the walls.


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