Stopping for a breather at Panorama Point
Beautiful antler velvet – soft and fuzzy on this
immature elk.  See how the antlers are knobby and
not pointy yet at the end?  Hard to believe elk antler
has healing properties that people ingest to cure
joint inflammation.  A few sports figures have
failed drug tests because of that.
We literally tiptoed through the woods to find this
 800 lb. elk.  Once he spotted us, he put out the
“word to the herd”, and 10 more bull elk appeared
from nowhere, like a “find the elk” puzzle
come to life.
Mike couldn’t resist trying out the new Tarzan swing.
The lupine were in huge, abundant, fragrant swaths.
Staring down the heifers from horseback.  They
will try their best to turn their face away from
a horse.  The trick is to work as a team, to surround
them with several horses.  It helps to imagine a
20 ft. cattle prod attached to your horses head –
that’s how the cows see it. 


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