Three Amigos – Mike, Jack and Olav
met in Air Force pilot training in
Phoenix back in 1971.
Fiery Furnace fins at Arches beckon with shade,
a precious commodity when the outside temperature was over 100 degrees!
Mike and Jack play King of the Mountain
at Sand Dune Arch.
This part of Arches National Park is known as
“Wall Street” because the rock formations line
up like skyscrapers.
Karen, Jack and Mike skinny through some
cool slot canyon spots.
Windows at Arches with gnarled junipers.
We had to make sure our bench still worked at
Dead Horse Point State Park. So far, so good!
The gang at Dead Horse Point – Olav, Karen,
me, Mike, Karen and Jack with the Colorado
River and Canyonlands National Park.


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