Our hike, as viewed from Glacier Point.  Starting
 from the bottom 
center of the photo, climb up to
Vernal Falls, and (oof!) then on up to Nevada Falls,
 then down the 
other side, along the Mist Trail
(so called because the waterfalls mist hikers
 along the trail).   On the left is Half Dome.

This hike to the top of Nevada Falls
may not seem like much at 3.4 miles,
a total of 7 round trip. According to my
 FitBit, the elevation gain was the same
 as climbing up and then down a 109 story building!

The rugged hike – glad we were downhill in this part.

Nevada Falls overlook.  The water free falls for
the first third, then hits a steep slick rock slope.

Olav and Karen enjoyed a blissfully cool foot
soak after reaching the top.

Mike and I perched on the edge over Nevada
Falls – a 600 ft. deadly drop down.  Almost every
year, someone dies trying to swim at the top of
this waterfall.

View from the top of Vernal Falls.  Look closely at
 the middle left of this photo to see teeny hikers!
That’s my guy, completely and
 happily soaked under Vernal Falls.


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