In a unique day after the wedding party, the
bride and groom hosted a BBQ and skeet shoot.
 Mike shot only 3 times, and made 2,
so he rested on his laurels.  He cleaned my clock!

Not that we’re competitive or anything.
Mr. and Mrs. Erin and Andy Wheelwright tied
the knot in style at the Hideout at Tahoe.
Note the bridesmaids wearing cowboy boots!


What a beautiful inscription on a park bench in
Sugar Pine State Park.  Treasure hunt – if you
find that bench, you’re in a quiet spot with a
great view.  This is a 20 minute walk from our place!
Supermoon rise over Lake Tahoe.  This was taken
from the plane just after takeoff.
Check out the SUP (stand up paddle boards)
 owned by the Police in nearby Truckee,
 northwest of Lake Tahoe.  I wonder where
 they wear their badge?
Northstar, just north of Lake Tahoe, has not only
incredible skiing, but a really challenging
golf course.  Believe me, you don’t want to be
in that ditch.