Tamarack is a failed ski/golf resort in central Idaho.
Per locals, the ski runs are located on the east side
of the mountain, where they get warm and icy early.
Despite celebrity exposure (Shawn White and Andre
Agassi were guests), the entire operation is bankrupt.
Many, many half finished Tyvek’d buildings with
 idle cranes. The chairlifts have been repossessed.
One thing they DID do right is a spectacular
golf course.  Luckily we scored the first tee
time of the day at Osprey Meadows.
Mike waiting in line at Ice Cream Alley in McCall
 for? Vanilla, triple scoop.
One of Cascade’s fine dining establishments!
Gold Fork Hot Springs was a hidden gem,
with 5 pools of different temperature, and a laid
back vibe.  The guy collecting the money also
played guitar for everyone.
Off the beaten path, but worth it!


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