Little Tahitian pineapple.  The tall leaves
surrounding the plant are really jagged and
sharp, a built-in protection mechanism.
This man knocks me off my feet!!!
ATV ride up in the lush mountains.  There are
pineapple plantations and lots of jungle behind us.
Would it be an understatement to say we loved
this island??  This is Belvedere Lookout.
View of our hotel bungalows from the peak
of Mt. Tohiea, the highest point on the island
 at about 3,600 ft.
6 to 8 ft. black tipped reef sharks circling below
our deck, attracted by lights under the bungalow.
We did a night snorkel before dinner to try to see
them up close.  As fierce as they look, these
 sharks are big chickens and wouldn’t come
 anywhere near us.
Our favorite restaurant – the entire menu was
dinner crepes (seafood, chicken, veggie) then
dessert crepes (fruit, ice cream, chocolate).
Look closely… that bumpy skinned thing about
the size of an avocado is breadfruit.  The trees
are huge, and the nutritious fruit grows quickly.
Bland and potato-like, it was one of the reasons
 Captain Bligh experienced the “Mutiny on the Bounty”.
His crew had eaten breadfruit for 5 months.


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