I couldn’t quite figure out what this mysterious
critter, a master of disguise…
Until he shot out in a blast of ink – an octopus!
He turned brown, then nestled into a new hiding
spot, and immediately turned the color of sand again.

With water this pretty,
we could hardly wait to 
jump in and snorkel!
A smaller version of the giant clams in Australia,
about as big as my outstretched hand.
Almost neon blue, green and purple – a riot of color.
When you gently disturb the water,
they close their lips in defiance.

This little guy was so friendly, he was actually
bumping his “nose” against my water camera!

Bora Bora snorkeling at Coral Gardens.
Sharks in captivity while they recovered from
injury.  Yes, Mom, I stuck my hand in the tank.
Beware the spiny sea urchin, an ouch in the making!