Dinner at Le Lotus, fine French fare in Tahiti. 
 French is the primary language here, and despite
the 22 hour flight, French tourists abound.
There was lighting under the edge of this over
water restaurant, and baby sharks swam below us.
Snazzy flowers – this must weigh as much as a
headdress for a Vegas showgirl!  She was our

lovely Tahitian cocktail waitress, can you
imagine her balancing this on her head with
a tray of drinks as well?  Talented.
Early missionaries found the dancing in Tahiti
quite indecent.
Very similar to Hawaiian dancing, incredibly
graceful, with more of a drum beat.
Tahiti may be the source for that
Michael Jackson dance move. 
Mike checking out the stars on
his iPhone 5 app.  Someday this

will be old school, but for now
it’s pretty cutting edge.


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