Our crew was highly capable of rookie moves.
In this case, waiting until we were in big rolling
seas before we realized that the motor was still on

the dinghy (you’re supposed to stow it), strung up
with a frayed line.  So in the course of 20 minutes,
David hopped onto a wildly swinging dinghy,
 pulled off the heavy motor and passed it to Mike.
We were holding our breath while Larry was
 holding our course steady.  Scary, to say the least.
“Hoist the mainsail!  NOW!” Mike cranks
 the winch as fast as he can to raise it.
Larry let everyone have a go at sailing.
Things happen fast when the wind comes up –

 sometimes Larry had to jump in fast to save our butts.
We finally made it to Bora Bora!
Celebrating Bora Bora!!  The water was warm,
 clear and salty, SO inviting for swimming!
Every cloud has a silver lining.


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