Ruffly, crunchy pea pod veggie – delicious!
Dramatic heliconia, about $3 an armload.
Pineapple (l’ananas in French, which confused
us for a while!) is naturally small, incredibly
 sweet and carved to perfection.
The transgendered population has
been out and accepted for years here.
Fresher fish would still be swimming.  We’ve
seen these red fish hanging near low reefs
where the moray eels are their protector.
The bananas are smaller, sweeter, riper here.
French Polynesia has a special relationship with,
but is not in the EU.  Conversion is easy, just
drop 2 zeros, this is basically a $100 USD bill.
Nimble fingers make quick work.  These flowers
are fragile, and only will last one day.  The
fragrance is heady – frangipani,  jasmine, ginger
and gardenias. 


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