Great demonstration of clown makeup, from
start to finish in 5 minutes.
All 5′ 10″ folded into a clown car.  Good thing
I didn’t have clown shoes.  Oh wait, I do.
Wouldn’t you like to take your toddlers to the
circus and have them ride a friendly hippo??
First Aid, after a practicing performer falls.
It’s not enough to have elephants.  They had
to be dressed like peacocks!
The folding chairs really fold.  With this level
of detail, the razor was probably sharp, too.
This incredible miniature circus was a labor of
love for 50 years.  It’s 3,800 square ft. total, at
a scale of 3/4 inch to one foot.  It has trapeze
artists that fly, and horses that prance.  Attention to
detail is so great that the ticket taker even has
tiny tickets and cash in his drawer, even though
it isn’t visible.  
Ringling Brothers circus in the 1920’s had
about 800 animals for each circus, travelling
along with 1,800 workers/performers going
15,000 miles per season in 150 towns.