In Alabama, along the “Robert Trent Jones Golf
Trail”, a string of spectacular courses, all done
by the same brilliant course architect.
The practice range awaits, with balls in
perfect little pyramids.
Capitol Hill courses, boast three dynamite
18 hole courses, called the Legislator, the
Senator and the Judge.
Something more than intimidating is the first
hole of the Judge course – tiered tee boxes sit
200 ft. over a narrow fairway with water on
the right and swamp on the left.
Nice little par 3, unless your ball lands in all
those lily pads.
To quote the starter: “Y’all can git yer ball outta
da weeds o’ da water, but mind ya it IS snake
season – we got rattlers, water moccasins
an’ copperheads.  But y’all do whatcha want.”


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