Hells Revenge is rated DIFFICULT.
  Dangerously steep climbs and descents over
sandstone domes and ledges.  Good pucker factor.
About 5 minutes into our trip we stopped to scout
this trail.  Straight up scary slickrock!
Mike centered the jeep on some
pretty jagged boulders.  Skid
panels protected from major damage,
but we spent quite a while trying to
wedge rocks under the wheels, jack
up and gun it.  Fortunately, the next
guy on the trail had a winch and fished
us out.
Devil’s Hot Tub, where, believe it or not, people
drive straight down and immediately straight up,
and sometimes flip over.  No, we didn’t try it.


After washing off several layers of sunscreen,
sweat and red dirt, we cleaned up for dinner with
Aron and Angela.  And the steer.
Moooo ha ha.  Looking down
the steep hill.  Just climbing
down to get the photo was
an adventure in itself.