First, there is the matter of the snow.  Thirty four dump
trucks full of mountain pass snow from
the Cascade mountains (that’s 81 TONS).
  To begin with, each
team had a pile of snow, in our case, the Rainier pile!
And we had a dream, to build a snow castle. OK,
so it didn’t quite look like this when we were done,
but we liked the visionary zeal of our leader,
Jim Nuerenberg!
The entire event was a fundraiser for one
of our favorite charities, Boys and Girls Club of King County. 
Mike climbed the turret and let a few snowballs
fly, only to be pummeled with ammunition from
the waiting crowd – including one iceball that
clocked him square in the nose!


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Mike (proudly wounded) and I with our friends,
Jim and Nancy Nuerenberg.  We were pretty
cold at this point, having been in the snow for
about six hours… but it kept the swelling down.
The official Seattle Times photo of a small
 fraction of the 5,834 people who were at the
 Seattle Center to break the world record.
 Officiated by Guinness, we had to register,
sign a waiver and scan in/out with wristbands
 for a proper headcount.  AND WE DID IT!
 Seattle now holds the record for the world’s
 largest snowball fight :)