First, there is the matter of the snow.  Thirty four dump
trucks full of mountain pass snow from
the Cascade mountains (that’s 81 TONS).
  To begin with, each
team had a pile of snow, in our case, the Rainier pile!
And we had a dream, to build a snow castle. OK,
so it didn’t quite look like this when we were done,
but we liked the visionary zeal of our leader,
Jim Nuerenberg!
The entire event was a fundraiser for one
of our favorite charities, Boys and Girls Club of King County. 
Mike climbed the turret and let a few snowballs
fly, only to be pummeled with ammunition from
the waiting crowd – including one iceball that
clocked him square in the nose!


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Mike (proudly wounded) and I with our friends,
Jim and Nancy Nuerenberg.  We were pretty
cold at this point, having been in the snow for
about six hours… but it kept the swelling down.